New England Brewfest Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

June 27-29 2014

new in 2014 icon (1)Lincoln Woodstock, New Hampshire – the “BaseCamp” of the White Mountains

Weekend Events

Saturday Night:

This year, the New England Brewfest is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary with the biggest and best craft beer tasting and music event on the planet, we call it “Saturday Night:  ON TAP.”

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The Ultimate Craft Beer Weekend

new in 2014 icon (1)The weekend of June 27-29, 2014, beer geeks of all flavors can experience craft beer New Hampshire style by attending “The Ultimate Craft Beer Weekend” a unique blend of beer-infused social events, educational non-workshops, and of course, the “New England Brewfest, Saturday Night: ON TAP”.

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Saturday Night: ON TAP at the New England Brewfest

What's On Tap

Find out what amazing craft beers will be on tap Saturday Night:  ON TAP at the New England Brewfest.

What's the entertainment?

Check out the entertainment lineup for Saturday Night: ON TAP at the New England Brewfest.

What can I expect?

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What is NEW in 2014?

Find out about all of the NEW activities taking place on this 10th anniversary weekend of New England Brewfest.

Woodstock Station

New England Brewfest

2014 ~ 10th Anniversary

Breweries from across New England will gather with their exceptional brews Saturday Night: ON TAP at the 10th annual New England Brewfest!

Join us at the Lincoln Village Shops in BaseCamp of the White Mountains, Lincoln, NH to sample and learn about these delicious craft brews. While you’re tasting, enjoy live entertainment, craft beer education programs, great food and exhibits offering brew paraphernalia and souvenirs.

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