John Lenzini, Head Brewer and President of Schilling Beer Co.

Schilling Brewing Co

Schilling Brewing Co

At 11am on Saturday, June 28 2014, join John Lenzini, Head Brewer and President of Schilling Beer Co., with others in a Panel Discussion “Labor of Love” during Beer Camp.

John has been an educator over the better part of the last two decades, having been a teacher and administrator most recently at St. Johnsbury Academy.  As a chemist and fluent German speaker, John began homebrewing after living in Germany in the mid-1990s.  John would later go on to live with his family in Germany and Austria for seven years, where he became thoroughly beguiled by the balanced traditional and creative modern beers of Central Europe.  In and out of brewhouses on the continent and here at home, John has spent a great deal of time employing his scientific training to produce the technical lagers and hybrid styles of Central Europe as well as ales inspired by those of rural Belgium and France.

Hope to see you there!

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  1. I have just read the article in today’s Union Leader about the brewery in Littleton.
    I am a resident of Sugar Hill and Have had an idea for an invention which requires a person knowledgeable about steam distillation to extract the essential oil from Cleome
    plant material for aromatherapy.
    Would you be willing to listen to my idea and perhaps help me manufacture a prototype so that I can proceed to rid myself of financial stress?
    I have been working on this for three years, most challenging, finding someone to help with the distillation process. 4/13/14 M de R

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